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Designing for me isn’t just working with material , space, forms etc. Designing is understanding what client needs and desires for living more comfortably and functional.

Interior design is where many things get to meet: my passion for beautiful spaces, my character as a handy person who loves to create things, my love for working with people, my experience of living in two very different parts of the world and culture,

my skills and knowledge as a design college graduate, and my background in management. 

My interior design journey started here in Melbourne, but my passion for design was formed back in Tehran, where I was born. For pretty much all my childhood and teenage years, my tasteful and meticulous mum would have me accompany her as she picked things for our home. Her devotion to a decorated home, plus the Persian/Turkish emphasis on details, gave me a good eye for patterns, textures and colors. 

In my days in Mercer school of design, I learned that it is the professional knowledge and insight that sits behind a creative idea which makes a space harmonious and functional, not just decorative items added to a space. I like to explore different ways of having them dance together in every project.

Initial Consultation

This will happen after your free discovery call with us. After your discovery call we highly recommend booking a design consultation, whether it’s big or small, in-person or virtual, this way we can get a deep look at your project and this is a great opportunity for you to meet us and discuss your project in further detail.


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In addition to beauty and function, my design principles also include a close professional relationship with you to meet your needs in what I create for you. I understand that design projects can sometimes seem cumbersome and confusing, but I help you get a good picture of the potentials of your space and offer you the best personal solution to transform your home or workplace. and me expertise in …


Interior Design


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